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          Our focus is to produce quality material of high class cylinder sleeves and cylinder liner. As exporters of Cylinder liner and auto sleeves products, we are highly conscious of quality as an experience to export the supplies to other countries...

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          Owing to our genuine and sincere efforts to conform to specified standards, our cylinder liner and sleeves products in India have been successful in captivating a wide spectrum of the international market...

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           We are a recognised name in the manufacturing of moly hard liners. Manufactured under strict tandem and as per international quality standards, our liners are well known for its salient features such as durability, crack resistant features and tensile strength. These are available in diverse specifications including collar O.D, outer diameter and std bore. We offer superior quality of these hard liners for varied industries engaged in manufacturing Air Compressors, Agricultural and Industrial Engines, Tractors, Diesel Engines, Commercial vehicles, cars, Scooters and Motor Cycles.

These high grade moly hard liners are made for meeting all race as well as high performance engine applications. Our hallmark is in coming up with custom made moly hard liner as per client’s requisite either from samples or drawings provided by them. Superior quality of products, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery are our success mantra. As leading manufacturers we are looking forward to further expand the variety of the product in the near future thereby offering our esteemed clients with a one stop solution.

Description Std Bore Outer Dia Collar O.D. Collar Width Total Length
  Tata 1612 Moly Hard 97 mm 3.940 4.074 0.175 8.5/8"
  Tata 407 Moly Hard 97 mm 3.940 4.074 0.175 7"
  Tata Perkins Moly Hard - - - - -
  S.E.D.I. M.F 135 Moly Hard - - - - -
  Inter Puegoet, DI Moly Hard - - - - -
  Ley 400, Lay 370, Ley 350 Moly Hard - - - - -
  Tata Mobile Moly Hard 83 mm 3.390 3.420 5 mm 6"
  Tata, Perkins Moly Hard - - - - -
  Metadoor/Moly Hard 78 mm 3.227 3.257 5 mm 6.3/4"
  Metadoor 307 Moly Hard 91 mm 3.705 3.775 0.185 6.1/4"
  Minidoor Moly Hard 85 mm 3.468 3.541 0.160 161 mm
  Fiat Diesel Moly Hard 78 mm 3.200 3.230 5 mm 5.1/4"