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Know about Cylinder Sleeves for Marine Diesel Engines

Cylinder Sleeves of a marine diesel engine are large in size in comparison to a cylinder liner of a motorcycle or a scooter. These are so large in their sizes and even two individuals can stand within a liner comfortably. Cylinder sleeves as we know is hollow in nature and is the place where the combustion takes place.

Cylinder sleeves India encounter extremely high temperatures and fluid pressure as well. Normally, wet type cylinder sleeves are used for marine diesel engines. These cylinder sleeves have direct contact with water to get cooled and are used in other engine types also. Marine diesel engines are commonly used in different vessels starting from small recreational ones to ocean going ones.

Cast Iron Ideal for Construction

Cylinder Sleeves India for marine diesel engines are constructed out of close grained cast iron as this exhibits high wear and tear properties. In slow speed marine diesel engines, cylinder sleeves are also constructed of an alloy of grey cast iron since cast iron is not a strong enough material.

For a good engine performance, it is essential that a cylinder sleeve does not undergo any kind of thermal expansion due to the heat generated within the liner. In India, the cylinder sleeves are constructed of cast iron as the later possess the following properties a pre-requisite for marine diesel engines.

  • Self lubricating
  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Deter extensive galling

Effective Scavenging

Efficient scavenging of Cylinder Sleeves of a marine diesel engine is essential so that the engine have an adequate combustion air supply. Cylinder Sleeves have ports at midway in their length for easy admission of air. Mainly, there are three types of scavenging techniques used for the same. These are the following ones.

  • Loop Scavenging
  • Cross-flow Scavenging
  • Uni-flow Scavenging

Of all the three scavenging techniques, Uni-flow scavenging has emerged as the most common technique used for marine diesel engines by most manufacturers all over the world especially for two-stroke marine engines.

Thus, construction of cylinder sleeves for a marine diesel engine one is a comprehensive task done with extreme precaution and care to lead to an optimal engine performance. Some Indian manufacturers and exporters of Cylinder Sleeves like Liner Sleeves auto industries, based in Gujarat also offered the same in customized designs as per the client requirements. One can also get piston pins and other essential auto parts from this manufacturer of high repute.