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Manufacturers List Out The Reasons To Opt For Pneumatic Cylinders

Cylinders are linear actuators that are used for converting fluid power into mechanical power. They are also called as RAMS or JACKS. Pneumatic cylinder manufacturers supply pneumatic cylinders in several basic versions.

These cylinders are vastly used to produce motion and force on a wide range of OEM equipment. They can move products indirectly or directly by pushing, lifting, rotating, pulling, or lowering, and can keep them from moving by fastening them in place.

Pneumatic cylinders gained wide acceptance for their simple, durable, economical, and easy to install features. These cylinders have potential to generate thousands of pounds of force over a broad range of velocities; stall without internal damage; and cycle at high speeds without overheating.

You can run them in tough conditions including heavy humidity, dusty environments, and high pressure wash downs.

You can come across various pneumatic actuators while visiting the nearest manufacturing store. These are available in thousands of sizes, styles, and configurations. However, if you are purchasing the pneumatic cylinder for the first time, there are certain considerations to make:


The basic, rod-style cylinder has a tube that is sealed by end caps. A rod extends through a sealed opening in one of the ends. The piston rod acts upon the load and the cylinder mounts to a machine.

Rod style cylinders work in two ways-

Double acting cylinders use compressed air to power both retract and extend strokes, moving the rod back and forth. Such arrangement makes these cylinders ideal for pulling and pushing the loads.

In single acting cylinders, compressed air is supplied to just one side of the piston, the other side escapes to environment.


These cylinders can be fit into smaller spaces that require short stroke. They are deployed in lighter duty applications because of the small bearing surface on which the rod slides. These are usually available in single acting versions, however, users can avail the double acting styles on request.


Cylinders are equipped with guide rods and guide blocks that are mounted parallel to the piston rod or dual piston rod. These rods bring precise controlled linear motion and prevent piston from rotating.

Rodless cylinders

These are ideal for applications with long strokes or high moment laods. Such products save space as the stroke is contained inside the cylinder’s envelope. Most Reputed pneumatic cylinders manufacturers offer many carriage designs among which, three are most common ones- internally guided, externally guided, and precision roller guided.