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Cylinder Sleeves Manufacturer
Quality Cylinder Sleeves Manufacturer
          Our focus is to produce quality material of high class cylinder sleeves and cylinder liner. As exporters of Cylinder liner and auto sleeves products, we are highly conscious of quality as an experience to export the supplies to other countries...

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Cylinder Liner Exporters Company Network
          Owing to our genuine and sincere efforts to conform to specified standards, our cylinder liner and sleeves products in India have been successful in captivating a wide spectrum of the international market...

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Liner Sleeves and Cylinder Sleeves Manufacturers India

Liner Sleeves manufacturers are among premium exporters of precise components that are used in automotive sector. They offer a complete range of piston pins, cast iron bar or CI bar, liner sleeves, auto liner, automobile parts, car accessories and cylinder sleeves across India, United Arab Emirate (UAE), Saudi Arabia and overseas market. Being one of the well-recognized cylinder sleeves manufacturers, we provide auto liner solutions to our clients based in Indian   Dubai automobile market and rest of the world. Our products and components are made with same standards that are followed by international diesel engine parts manufacturers.

Liner Sleeves and Cylinder Sleeves Components We Offer:

Cylinder liner- It is a cylindrical part installed into an engine block to create a cylinder. Cylinder liner is among significant functional parts that are responsible for the making of engine interior. Features offered by this component-

  • It forms a sliding surface for the piston rings
  • Heat transmitting part
  • Compression gas sealant

Cast iron bar- CI bar offers consistent mechanical properties with great machinability to make a good surface finish. The graphite structure offers it extreme noise and vibration damping capacity as compared to carbon steel. Cast iron is lighter in weight than the steel.

Piston pins- Piston pin or wrist pin is a hardened steel pin used for connecting piston to rod.

We also supply cylinder liner sleeves in India, United Arab Emirate (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. Many auto liner exporters today offer best quality components to their global consumers. Liner Sleeves is among these exporters that assure premium range of products supply to their worldwide customers.

We are leading car accessories manufacturers and can provide quality range of accessories at competitive rates.

Car accessories include seat covers, car interiors, and all car acre products.

Diesel engine parts include- spark plug, valves, pistons and piston rings, crankshaft, connecting rod, sump. All these parts perform their functions in different way. Manufacturers intend each diesel engine part with quality material.

The spark plug is responsible for supplying the spark required to ignite the fuel and air mixture.

Valves let the fuel and air to enter the combustion chamber and later allow them to exhaust out.

Piston and Rings

This cylindrical metal piece is located inside the engine cylinder. These are used to seal the space and prevent the fuel and air mixture on one side of the piston from leakage.

Connecting rod and crankshaft

Rods are used for connecting the piston to the crankshaft.


Sump has little amount of oil.

Why it is great to deal with Liner Sleeves?

Our experts are capable of meeting the unwavering commitments. They adhere to standards and company policy to bring sophisticated and quality auto spares and accessories for clientele. We make on time delivery with flawless approach. Our products are well finished and available at competitive rates.

Liner Sleeves have been ISO certified company and has been much significant and in turn gave us the zeal to perform better. Contact us and avail entire range of piston pins, cast iron bars, cylinder liner, cylinder sleeves, automobile parts, diesel engine parts at reasonable rates. We are envisioning towards getting top position in the market with our sheer confidence and efforts.
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          The company is promoted by the veteran visionary Mr. Tarun Shah encompassing years of experience in the manufacturing industry of cylinder liner and sleeve. He has given his support in building a highly involved and integrated team who is able to achieve precise and quick results. His guidance has benefited us in expanding our network to a global level.
Cylinder Liner and Cylinder Sleeves Manufacturer
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